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Are you having a problem with your opener? Maybe you’re looking for a potential repair or replacement from a professional company. Perhaps you don’t even have this piece of technology in your garages and you’re unsure if you need this or not. If this sounds like you, then Garage Door of Sterling Heights has you covered.

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Opener repair and replacements that you can count on

Is your garage door opener stuttering like crazy and you don’t know why? Maybe when you press the button, you’re noticing that it is going up and down in a very violent, inconsistent motion. If this is going on, don’t stress out; we can send over some repairmen to help you.

A garage door opener remote is another thing that we can help you get. If your openers didn’t come with these devices, let us know and we’ll get one synced up for you. With these in hand, you’ll be able to lift and lower your panels without even being physically right there. How cool is that?!

We can replace your broken garage door opener

Are you desiring a replacement garage door opener? Maybe you’ve had enough of repairing your old unit and still going through the same old pains and frustrations that you used to endure. To make sure that you get the best customer services possible, make sure that you pick Garage Door of Sterling Heights do this for you.

Our opener services stand out from the rest. We are very cautious when replacing openers. We’ll inspect your panel to make sure that we give you a unit that will have enough horsepower to control your door. That way, you won’t have to worry about potential failure in the future.

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